Saturday 21 March 2020

Stuff to check out!


Gallimaufry cover image

Gallimaufry is a collection of 18 (and counting) items for Troika!

The item descriptions are free/PWYW, readable as HTML within the itch product page itself, for easy rules referencing during online play. A print-friendly PDF will be forthcoming once I decide the item collection is finished. The items are also licensed CC-BY 4.0 so feel free to adapt and remix into your own rulesets and modules, including ones sold commercially.

Bestiarum Geondica

Bestiarum Geondica cover image

Bestiarum Geondica is a bestiary that's free to download. @NateTreme made a simple monster-name generator and crowdsourced people to write tweet-length descriptions of monsters they'd rolled up. The Bestiarum collects 100 descriptions (including two by me) along with the generator tables. It's an excellent read! BYO stats, populate your next hexcrawl or campaign setting with them, you won't regret it.

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